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"James Zannelli's Javert is quite magnificent!"

-David Appleford's Theatre Review

"Valjean is such a strong character, that the play needs a strong Javert and Zannelli captured the essence perfectly."

-Eland Relic, Valley Stages

"Zannelli's vocals soar and his delivery of the lyrics seems somewhat internal, easily showing the unbalanced man underneath Javert's calculating exterior."

-Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

Zannelli is a stalwart Javert. His posture and voice reinforce the rigidity of the character who believes that no one who has run afoul of the law can be redeemed. You see that belief informing every move Zannelli makes. He gives his character no forgiving or ameliorating nature. For Javert, the world is black or white, and that is the way Zannelli plays him.



Zannelli’s bass is resonant and expressive. There is genuine threat in his rendition of “Stars” and equally real angst and regret in his “Soliloquy,” in which Javert declares he would rather not live than be indebted to Jean Valjean for preserving his life.

As the "Master of the House," James Zannelli's Thenardier is priceless. Not only does Mr. Zannelli have a knack for comedic timing, but his booming voice made the supporting character a highlight of the evening."

-Kyle West, BroadwayWorld, Dallas.

2010 - present
2010 - present

As Thenardier (with Cheryl Allison as Madame Thenardier)

Les Miserables, Casa Mañana Theatre

James Zannelli as Tateh, the Jewish immigrant and single father, is so big-hearted and touching I couldn’t help imagining him as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. 

Tateh (with Dylan Brod)

Ragtime, Gallery Players

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